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MEETING DATES 2021 - 2022
9:30-11am in WSC Room 118.
Zoom Calls during Distance Learning .











PTSA- Parent Teacher Student Association

Thank you for supporting the Monte Vista PTSA. We are 1,200 members strong and growing. The PTSA supports parents, teachers, and students by working to increase communication and parent involvement and by raising funds to provide various school programs.


In addition to promoting and fostering better communication between home and school, the PTSA also raises money to enhance your student’s academic experience at Monte Vista. We raise money exclusively through our membership drive at registration, sale of our student directory, and your donations to our classroom enrichment fund, and after-school tutoring/testing fund. Even if you cannot volunteer, your donation to PTSA benefits every student.


The purpose of our classroom enrichment fund ("CEF") is to enrich our students’ education through the purchase of teaching materials that are not otherwise funded through the school or district. 100% of your CEF donations are distributed through the grant program administered by the PTSA. Last year, your donations to the classroom enrichment fund enabled us to grant teaching material awards totaling $5,000.


Your direct donation to the after-school tutorial lab allows Monte Vista High School PTSA to offer FREE tutoring to all MVHS students needing extra help in math, chemistry, physics, biology, and foreign language. The lab is staffed by MV teachers and is open 4 days a week.


Additionally, PTSA provided supplies to every classroom, hosted several parent education events, supported the Run for Education, and hosted hospitality to teachers and staff, and funded the PTSA scholarship fund for graduating seniors.


We are looking for parents like you to help us carry out the mission of the PTSA. Our meetings are held once a month and include updates on PTSA programs, teacher news, and an update by our principal. Meetings are always open; everyone is invited and encouraged to attend!


To become a member of the Monte Vista High School PTSA or to donate directly to any of the funds described above, please visit the Monte Vista FutureFund Store.   For more information about how you can become part of this important organization, please contact PTSA president Mary Peart.  


PTSA Quick Links

PTSA Executive Board

Board Positions:

President- Mary Peart

EVP - Jennifer Walsh

VP Membership - Laura Baldwin

VP Communication - Open

VP Legislative - Keri Evilsizor

VP Special Needs - Open

Treasurer- Reema Popli

Financial Secretary - Leah Moss

Secretary - Nicole Gemmer

Parent Ed - Open

Parliamentarian - Bridgit Pelley

Auditor - Sherry Muniz

Hospitality - Janet Weber and Wendy Billy

Student Scholarships- Tina O'Hara

Faculty Representative - Heather Giovanola


Committee Chairs:

Holiday Bake - Janet Weber and Wendy Billy

Inclusion and Diversity - Open

Reflections -  Tammy Ibrahim

SRVEF Run for Education - Julie Soltero


Class Parents:

Class of 2022 - Bridgit Pelley

Class of 2023 - Candice Horton

Class of 2024 - Jyoti Gandhi and Lili Lillie

Class of 2025 - Nichole Hsu and Tammy Ibrahim