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Students running for elected positions in student government, as well as parents of those students, will have the ability to request voting totals detailing the results of an election in accordance with all applicable Public Record Request and Student Privacy provision of California law. Names and other identifying information of candidates who received less votes than the requesting students shall be redacted.

2021 - 2022 Student Government 

ELECTION RESULTS: Thank you to each student who ran for office and to each student that voted.  Together we are the Mustangs. 


ASB President:  Lilly Van Wagenen
ASB Vice President:  Sofia Viscuglia
ASB Treasurer:  Chiara O’Leary DiGiorgio
ASB Secretary:  Lily Blankenship


President, Class of 2022:  Chloe Parris
Vice President, Class of 2022:  Ryan Dillon
Treasurer, Class of 2022:  Hannah Lockyer
Secretary, Class of 2022:  Grace Wuischpard

President, Class of 2023:  Rachael Ragasa
Vice President, Class of 2023:  Taylor Lorscheider
Treasurer, Class of 2023:  Ella Economos
Secretary, Class of 2023: Izzie Yu

President, Class of 2024:  Brooke Salamera
Vice President, Class of 2024:  Maddy Park
Treasurer, Class of 2024:  Juliane Stark
Secretary, Class of 2024:  Michael Cahn