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AVID-blue stole

Biliteracy-pink cord 

Capstone-red stole

Choir-silver(Chambers) and/or black, white, and red (4 years)

College Connect-white stole

CSF-gold tassel, cord, or stole

French-red, white, and blue cord

Honor Cord from Academic Boosters-red cord

Instrumental Music (Keynoters)-black and yellow

International Thespian Honor Society-blue and gold cord

Spanish-gold and red 

National Honor Society-Blue for officers, white for all others

Senior Class

Seniors, Complete Your Graduation Survey NOW!
Please complete the SRVUSD Senior Graduation Survey by MIDNIGHT on Thursday, May 5, in order to get your name into the special SENIOR EDITION of The Stampede.

It's a quick three-step process that will only take a few minutes.

Upcoming Senior Activities

  • Senior Awards Ceremony – Tuesday, May 24 during 4th period in large Gym
  • Senior BBQ – Tuesday, May 24 following Senior Awards on practice fields
  • Powder Puff Game – Wednesday, May 25 at 3:30 p.m. in Stadium
  • Senior Sunset – Thursday, May 26 at 7:00 p.m. in Stadium

Spring Senior Parent Info Meeting

If you missed the Spring Senior Parent informational meeting, check out the slide deck from that presentation HERE.


Graduation Friday, June 3, 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.

  • Gates open at 4:00 p.m.
  • Students report at 5:00 p.m.
  • Procession begins at 6:00 p.m.

There will be no tickets required for entry.

Students must attend a mandatory ceremony practice on June 2 from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m.


Grad Night  School supported, PTSA supported, parent-led activity

  • After Graduation, take pictures, then load on busses.
  • Students will get on the Commodore from 9-12:30 for a Bay Cruise, dinner, dancing
  •  12:30 -4 Hornet for dessert, games, karaoke, hypnotist, candy bar, light breakfast
  • It is the goal that every senior attend.  Please reach out if you would like a scholarship. 


Disneyland Trip, May 14-15, 2022
Kevin: This is a non-school event.  It is an outside agency running the trip for other schools as well.  The company arranges chaperones.  Since it is loosely associated with us I’m going to share the details with the district.  I understand it is full at this point and there is a waiting list. 


Bridgit:  According to the student’s Instagram posting it is $425 covers transportation, Disneyland, chaperones and all the 150 spots are full.    To get on wait list it is a $75 non-refundable deposit.  



If a student is not attending Senior Picnic is there school?  Students are expected to be at school.  Teachers are working and classes will be in session. 


Senior Cut Days:   These are never sanctioned, although we can’t control the students' social media. Cut days are not coordinated by the student body as a whole, so random dates pop up in friend groups.  Teachers find that these days do interfere with classes.  Parents need to encourage students to attend school.


How to order Graduation Gowns: We have a Josten’s Cap and Gown late order date of March 31. 


Student Parking/Traffic: Busses are late often and the long commute time is unsustainable. How can we fix this?   

Kevin:  Met with Traffix yesterday and attending meeting next week to brainstorm.  It helps to define the problem and what parts we can solve.  There are 2 less busses and less seats offered.  In addition, there is a more condensed traffic pattern with similar drop off times by both LC/MV AND on Odd block days there is no A period buffer.  Solutions?  Considering earlier drop off by bus service.  Limit horseshoe to only bus traffic. 


Is Parking being enforced?    Yes it Is being enforced. 

Kevin:  The obstacles we are seeing to permits is that Students need to complete Start Smart Course.  It is a district requirement and non compliance is a barrier to getting a parking pass.   No carpool spots so more regular parking spots are available. 


Can we borrow grad gowns ?   The process is offered by Jostens and on same form as to purchase.


Is the Senior Gold Card still available?  No, because some of the events have passed.  All events will be offered separately as the year progresses.  The Senior Gold Card includes yearbook and most on campus events except Senior Ball and Grad Night. Hurricane Harbor for example, is part of the package but was also offered separately. 

Naviance/college presentation

Welcome to our 2021 Back to School Night (BTSN) Senior Student & Parent Presentation.  The focus of this presentation is for students who are applying to four year colleges.  (We will have future presentations/opportunities for students who are selecting two year colleges, trade schools/careers and service after high school).


We have recorded this presentation so that you can view it when you have time and so you can refer back to it later, as needed. We would like senior students and their parents to watch this together.


Please take notes and write down any questions you have.  You will receive an email with an RSVP for our separate SENIOR Student and Parent Q and A sessions - held on Sept. 1st.  Watch the presentation for more information.


We hope you find this information helpful:

Link to BTSN Senior Student/Parent Presentation on Applying to Four Year Colleges


Link to Google Slide (with links - within some of the pages)


Link to our College Reference Guide


We will also hold future sessions for students in other grades, the focus of tonight is for the seniors as they are in the midst of the college application season!


MV Counseling