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Quick Links for Students


Daily Cafeteria Menu

Back to School Rally Video 

MV Student Technology Orientation Presentation 

How to use your planner 

School Organization 

Student tech support:
Parent tech support re equipment requests


Student's Personal Devices (including computers and phones)

Personal devices can be connected to the SRVUSD-BYOD wireless network

  • Select:  SRVUSD-BYOD

  • Username:  STUDENTS\student_ID_number

    • Example: STUDENTS\123456

  • Password (case-sensitive):  This will be the same password used to log into Google and Schoology accounts


Student Computer Login Accounts and Email Addresses

Click on Using to Change Student Passwords for

  • New student account information including student username and default password conventions

  • How to change your current password or temporary default password


Steps to Log In to Schoology 

Schoology Help Slide Presentation

1.  Student Schoology Login here or Parent Schoology  Login here

2. Click Forgot Password

Need help?  Reach out to Educational Services at (925) 552-5072 between the hours of 7:30 am and 4:30 pm.  Also, please note 2 important things:

  1. Once you log into Schoology, you may not be able to see your child’s information right away. In some cases, it is still being populated.

  2. If you have or have had a Schoology account associated with a school that is not part of the SRVUSD, your process to log in may be slightly different. Please see the Schoology help page for assistance.


START SMART CLASS FOR PARKING PERMITS:  To be eligible for a school parking permit, students and Parents attend together a CHP Start Smart Class.  


NAVIANCE: Find more details under College/Career.   Naviance Student  


College Connect Application:    Click on the link to download the 7 page application also found on the district website.  

Common Sense Media for Students