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Line of Communication

Any questions or concerns regarding student and/or teacher issues should be addressed through the following process:

1  Student communicating with teacher

2  Parent communicating with teacher

3  Parent/student communicating with counselor of student's alpha

4  Parent/student communicating with Assistant Principal of student's alpha

5  Parent/student communicating with Principal


Your Monte Vista High School Leadership Team for 2021-2022 School Year!  From right to left:  Principal Ahern, AP Corritone, AP Jemo, AP Pagano.  

     Dr. Kevin Ahern      

     Assistant:  Jodi McFarland 925-552-2814

      Liz Pagano 
      Assistant Principal 

     Students with the last name A-G 
     Assistant:  Eva Bruckner 925-552-2890


Sheila Jemo  
Assistant Principal

Students with the last name H-O

Assistants: Nina Gellerman 925-552-2806, Chris Watson 925-552-2863                                                

     Angie Corritone
      Assistant Principal

      Students with the last name P-Z 

      Assistants:  Jennifer Kindle 925-552-2817  &  Jennifer Schikora 925-552-2815

Andy Popper 
Athletic Director 
Athletic Liaison:  Sunny Yu 925-552-2881       

Web Site:
MVAB: http://www.mvhs./athleticboosters                                                     



Melissa Alcorn
Office Manager, Assist to Principal Ahern